Do You Have Someone You Can Talk To?

The definition of loss is – “the state or feeling of grief when deprived of someone or something of value.”

Loss covers so much…death, divorce, career change, health, sense of self. And most of the time when dealing with any of those things all we want is someone to talk to about it. Someone who can show us that although we don’t believe it at the moment, we see that there is a chance to continue on and make it through because they did.

Hiring a coach does that for you… It gives you the opportunity to look into yourself, figure out what you want for your life and then find ways to work towards that outcome. .
Hiring a coach helps you to focus on the future, and helps you to come up with solutions to get there. A coach doesn’t give advice – they help you to find the answers you already know deep inside of you.

My clients have said that knowing someone believes in them, knowing someone is holding them accountable, and just having the opportunity to talk about it has been instrumental in getting through their loss, their grief.

If you are looking for accountability, support and guidance DM me to discuss working together. I would be honored to help you find your purpose, get through your grief/loss, and help you to live your best life, regardless of your past experiences.

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Believing in you!


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