Life Coach – Definition

I truly believe that everyone in the world should have a life coach.

Whatever you want for your life – IT’S POSSIBLE.

Whatever pain you are in – YOU CAN HEAL.

Whatever mistakes you have made in your past, or are currently making – IT IS OKAY.

Whatever lies you are telling yourself about how you aren’t good enough – YOU CAN CHANGE YOUR THINKING.

Whatever bad habits you want to change – YOU CAN FORM NEW ONES

Whatever goal you want to reach – YOU CAN DO IT

Check out my website – and let’s chat about how we can make this happen, I would be honored to be your coach, I want it all for you, I believe in you.

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Meet Shelle

Shelle lynn offers certified life, grief and loss coaching

I’m so glad that you are here! In this blog I will use compassion and kindness combined with the skills learned as a certified grief and life coach to help you navigate through loss using strength, positive mindset and gratitude.


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