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I knew I needed to focus on me more and make time for myself, I just wasn’t sure how. I was struggling with self-confidence and stress, and Shelle really helped me overcome my struggles in way I hadn’t thought of before. She helped me refocus my attention, taught me new things, and held me accountable. That’s exactly what I needed! I am coming off this coaching with new life skills and a bigger smile.

Client - KL

Shelle is an amazing coach, she took the time to build the relationship to best be able to serve my needs. Her willingness to work with me, and flexibility due to life happenings was much appreciated. I feel she truly set me up for a successful future and health journey! Thank you!

Client - CL

The vision board workshop that I attended with Shelle was amazing.  It was a life-changing experience for me.  I was immediately relaxed and comfortable, and I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to realize what is most important to me.  It was a fun, eye-opening workshop that I would recommend for everyone.  I now have a very creative visual reminder of my goals that I look at several times a day.  I can't wait to do another workshop with Shelle!

Client - SM

Shelle is one of the greatest listeners I know. She is non-judgmental, she wants the best for others and she believes in everyone she has a relationship with. Shelle will show you that there are brighter days ahead even if you might think there aren't any left. She knows firsthand what feeling empty inside looks and feels like. Shelle has persevered through the most challenging obstacles that she has faced in her life. She will work with you to ensure that you are living your best life and that you are living it to the fullest. EVERYONE deserves that and everyone needs some guidance and direction to get there. Let her show you what it means to be your best self!

Client - AB

I would say, and I have, that I was In a very bad place when I saw Shelle’s ad as a life coach. I had just found some things out at the age if 65 that blew my world apart. I am so grateful for her guidance and empathy to help me through this part of my life. I needed an impartial person to listen to me and give me the tools to stay on the positive side of life. Shelle showed me how to do this through the phone sessions we had. I would highly recommend Shelle as a life coach. She stays in touch after the sessions are over by posting everyday on Facebook. I look forward to reading them every morning and am inspired to keep going.