When Other People Believe the Lies Told About You

Who else has been here?

Do you have a narcissist in your life who does a real good job of making it appear that you are the one in the wrong, or crazy, or both but you know all they are doing is spreading lies?

It’s infuriating.

You feel like you need to defend yourself and at the same time you feel you shouldn’t because how in the world could anyone believe the lies??

People believe them.

Narcissists spread lies when they think you are going to expose who they really are. Its a tactic used to discredit everything you say to ensure no one believes you.

They gaslight, manipulate and basically belittle your existance to make themselves feel better about the wrong they have done.

The create a reality where they believe it to be true. So much so that convincing other people what they saybis truth becomes easy for them.

it’s a very diffulicult thing to go through.

If this describes you, I am definitely here to walk through together.

It’s a tough spot to be in and doing it on your own is hard. Also, discussing this with someone who hasn’t experienced it can be complicated.

Bottom line. Do your best to not let it get to you, no matter how much it hurts. Look at the people who believe the lies as people you probably need to release. Talk to someone about it. Whether it’s me or someone else, let your feelings be heard and know they are all justified.

If people didn’t want the truth to come out they shouldn’t have treated you so bad. 

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