Own Your Past Choices, Don’t Let Them Own You

Did you make some mistakes in your past? Make some decisions that you aren’t proud of?

Did you learn from them? Are you at a better place now because of them? Did they strengthen you?

There was a time when no one in my life supported my decisions. I was making really poor choices. But, I wasn’t going to listen to anyone.

Now looking back I probably should have listened. But, if I would have then I wouldn’t be who I am today. I had to learn from my mistakes and I needed to experience what I did to be where I am today.

So, what I want to say to you is this. If you have made mistakes, done some things you aren’t proud of its okay. Even if your last bad choice was 4 minutes ago, right now you have the choice to learn, move forward and do different next time.

Don’t let your past hold you back from moving forward. Don’t let anything stop you from having the life you want because anything is possible and you are deserving all of your dreams.

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