How Do You Heal From Being Lied To?

Healing from the hurt of being lied to is possible and I want that for you. If you are holding onto that anger right now, holding onto the pain…my offer for you is to let go.

I don’t know if I believed the lies because I didn’t want to hear the truth, I really was clueless to all that was going on, or maybe a mix of both.

Often times I was convinced I was crazy when I tried to dispute something so it was easier to just not question just to keep my sanity and avoid conflicts.

But regardless, being lied to hurts. I think it’s a cowards way out from dealing with consequences.

I know that you can learn to let go.

I know you can forgive.

I know that you can learn to trust again.

I know the poor decisions other people have made can have such a big impact on your life, and your feelings of worthiness, but you have to know it has nothing to do with you.

You are worthy of more.

You deserve better.

There are people on this planet who would never in a million years even consider hurting you in that way, those are your people and they are out there, I promise.

Forgiveness and learning how to heal ourselves from the lies we were/are being told is part of the work, I help my clients with this all the time.

I have learned forgiveness and I am showing others how it’s possible for them to do the same.

It’s not easy work, but it can be done. Message me if you want more info.

Believing in you 🤍

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