The Decision

The year was 2017. The year my husband died.

Now, my life turned upside-down, my husband gone…it was just me in an empty house.

I lay alone in our bed, night after night. I tried to sleep, wishing all my pain was just a bad dream. 

I couldn’t believe I was a widow. Laying in the dark, I felt very much alone.

I found some support groups online and a community of women who knew exactly what I was going through. It was a turning point for me. Finally, people who knew how it felt!

While we were all suffering the loss of a spouse, we were not all coping the same way. Some of these women felt like their lives were over. I saw them relive their grief over and over again. They never moved on, and lived continually in their pain. It broke my heart to see them stuck in that cycle.

I looked at their experience and contrasted it with my own. One year after my husband died, I began working on myself. I did a lot of forgiveness work, and found reasons to get out of bed. And over time I healed my heart and my mind.

Later, I discovered that I wanted to help other people find their reasons. I wanted to help those women who felt stuck. I felt a calling to become a life coach. So that’s what I did.
These days I help other people find their ‘why’. Would you share your ‘why’ with me? Why do you get out of bed in the morning? Maybe you need help finding your reasons. Contact me and let’s talk.

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