Life Lessons From My Parents

Things I learned from my parents.

Work hard – You have to work hard for what you have. No one is going to give you the things you want in life and you won’t learn how to appreciate them unless you put in the work to get them.

Be kind – You have to be kind to people, treat eveyone with respect. Don’t judge others or think you are better than anyone. Use your big heart to love with every ounce that you have.

Take care of each other – Be the one people can count on. Be there when people need you and if you commit to something, follow through.

Family first – Your family is here for you and we take care of each other. We support, love and offer guidance to each other always. Have each others backs when they need it most.

Have fun – Life is too short. You have to enjoy life, have fun and find something wonderful in evey single day.

Be self sufficient – You for sure need to know the basics. How to put on your spare tire, change a lightbulb and check your oil. You can’t always count on other people and you need to be able to make it in your own. I still remember the day my dad showed me how to change my spare and then he said okay – now it’s your turn. I’ll be back in an hour, you got this!

Have a welcoming home – Make your home be a place people know they can come and be safe. A place of love and laughter and respect. My parents always had the best parties and family gatherings.

Be honest – Don’t lie. Ever.

Don’t hate – When I was really little I told my mom I hated her because she wouldn’t let me play outside. She told me the definition of hate was that you wanted that person to go away and you never ever wanted to see them again. That definition has stuck with me to this day….and I never ever used that word again. Especially towards her.

Death is hard – This August will be 8 years since my mom died. Not having her around anymore is something she never got a chance to teach me how to be good at. 

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